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Ventura County's restaurant scene is in dire straits, and the number of restaurants closing locally, outdoors or otherwise has surged again. It would be a shame if so many of our favorite restaurants had to close so that we could get back to business as usual, but we are spared because restaurants are opening all over the county, even in the most remote parts of Ventura County, such as Port Hueneme.

Look at the vintage cars on display on Eastman Avenue and look out for the car museum that is spinning so you can catch a glimpse of something new the next time you visit. On your way out of downtown Oxnard, visit the Port Hueneme Art Museum, where an inspiring mural with a message for youth was painted on the side of Oxard High School, near the painter's village. The scene with a young man in his 20s is painted in front of the school, just a few blocks from the entrance to the museum.

The mural shows a multicolored pair of hands, each representing a nationality, and it bears the legendary Mayan influence. African - American girl and a small child in traditional Mexican clothing are also featured in the mural.

The living mural is intended to inspire others to stop, put down their phones and let the images consume them completely. He told VisitOxnard.com that he loves that his work is so colorful and vibrant, and he's happy with the way it's evolved. The Name "I'm the unoriginal" was the result of a disparaging remark made about his art by people close to him, he told Visit Oxnard, a website that publishes his work.

We encourage you to take a photo while visiting the mural and make sure you use the hashtag # LifeAtTCRP to see your photo. Snap a selfie in front of the murals, but be sure to rebuke @ visitoxnardca on Instagram and @ VisitOxnardCA on Twitter.

We honor everyone who has contributed to this effort, and we honor the contributions of the Port Hueneme California Art Foundation and its collaborators and volunteers.

Riley Forsythe is one of the few classic hand paint shops in the world. The LA-based artist uses steel as his primary medium and approaches every project from design and manufacturing to creating new artworks. More specifically, he remembers how he was inspired to take an artistic journey as a child.

In 1978, Del Monte Banana started its weekly service to Port Hueneme to import bananas and tropical fruits. This signalled the first great interest in agricultural imports to establish a business in the port of Hueneme. Today Del-Monte is our long-standing international customer and we are also the most modern dock and refrigeration plant built in the NAFTA trading bloc. Since 2007, citrus fruits have been shipped to Japan, Suncist's largest overseas market. In 1995, we opened the world's first high-speed rail line from the United States to Mexico, which opened in 1995.

In addition to handling refrigerated and frozen cargo in containers in its own port area, the port has also implemented a new refrigeration system for refrigerated containers and refrigerators, as well as the construction of a large refrigerator and a refrigeration system.

The commitment of the Port of Hueneme to agriculture also included the construction of a new tank terminal in the port's industrial area. The storage capacity of the terminals is more than 1,000 tons per year, which corresponds to 1.5 million gallons of water per day.

There are plenty of delicious takeaway food, but if you can save a penny, fill your belly with to-go orders and fill the tills of local restaurants with them, with the highlight being the Jolly Oyster and fresh seafood from the beach, which make for a unique and delicious dining experience. Notable restaurants on the terrace include the decades-old restaurant, which has always been a rather quiet place, as well as some of the most popular restaurants in the area.

VenTiki is one of the first to offer its customers a different drink every week. The best you can expect from a stay at home are the delicious cocktails and carryout offered by the bars and restaurants. Social Tap Family Meal deals, which include appetizers and side dishes, make it easy to feed four people cheaply, and marginalizing it also means less contact.

An expansion of 53,000 square feet has been completed at the growing Del Monte Western Distribution Center. There are 8,131 units, of which 3,658 (51.7%) are occupied by tenants and 2,711 (52.5%) by owners, and 1,071 (23.6%) are inhabited by residents.

The census reports that 869 (4.0%) of households in the city live in non-institutionalized group quarters, and there are 0.5% of households with children under 18 years of age and 0% with adults under 18 years of age, of whom 0 (0) are "institutionalized." The median income per family is $46,056 and the median income per household in this city is $42,246. In Port Hueneme there are 7,908 units occupied by tenants and 2,711 (52.7%) and 1,071 (23.6%) by owners. More than two thirds (67.3%). The majority (63.4% or 1.1 million) of the population are married to the same couple, with a total of 2.2 million households.

More About Port Hueneme

More About Port Hueneme